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Is Your Company Right for BVC?

Despite its name, the Bend Venture Conference is an angel investment conference.  The word "Venture" refers to the new projects--or companies--presented at BVC.

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“The Bend Venture Conference offers one
of the unique chances
to get unfettered
access to some of the
most active venture
investors on the West Coast." 

Eric Rosenfeld,
Managing Partner
Capybara Ventures

Geographic Focus

BVC focuses on companies based in the Pacific Northwest.

  • As a Launch Stage company, you do not need to be from Central Oregon to apply or to win. 
  • As a Concept Stage company, you must be located in Central Oregon to win the prize, although you may apply to be part of the competition and networking. 

Industry Focus
BVC is quite broad in the industry sectors it targets.  Many applicants are high tech or bio tech companies.  Recently, we've seen more applications from clean tech and renewable energy companies.  Consumer products and services are also encouraged to apply.

Company Stage

Launch Stage: A complete business plan has been developed.  Technology issues have been largely overcome.  The company may have had beta testing or a limited rollout and is ready for market launch.  It may also be post-revenue and need growth capital.  The winning Launch Stage company could receive an investment which is targeted to exceed $250,000.*

BendBroadband Concept Stage: A business concept has been developed.  The entrepreneurs may still be working on technology and/or proof of concept.  The company is typically pre-revenue. The winning Concept Stage company could be awarded a cash prize of $10,000.*

 *Bend Venture cannot guarantee that investments will be made in any specific amount, because the final amounts to be awarded are dependent on investment commitments received from third party investors and the ability of the winning companies and the investors to agree on the terms and conditions of the investment.


Updated 8/1/14